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No matter where water loss incidents originate in your Hillsboro Beach home, it can come with the potential for structural compromise. Plumbing, for example, often runs inside structural cavities between rooms and between floors of your house, making a leak or even a breach go undiscovered for some time before its presence saturates through all […]

Hardwood flooring can add value to your Delray Beach property, but might also be a point of concern when water loss incidents occur. Even with less porous woods like oak and maple planks, moisture can still get absorbed readily into these materials because of the cellulose that exists in the composition of the wood itself. […]

Mold growth can be an alarming discovery for your Highland Beach residence, and one that you should not delay in addressing. While it is true that many homes in the area battle higher humidity content throughout the year, the presence of mold can still be a destructive force when left to spread and grow unabated. […]

It might not always be clear and concise what your Lake Worth home needs after flooding, as many of the most challenging concerns like structural damages do not get identified until specific mitigation actions like extraction and drying have started. We know how critical a fast response is, and approaching a job with the right […]