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Cleaning Fire Damage Odors in Boca Raton

Fire damage affects Boca Raton homes in many forms. While the physical destruction is what draws most homeowner’s attention, it is the odors from the smoke and burned materials that can linger long after completion of other restoration tasks.

After a fire and resulting fire damage in Boca Raton, our first task is to secure each home from secondary damage, to include boarding up doors, windows, and the roof. After we finish that, Express Emergency Services begins the work to remove and neutralize odors. After a thorough inspection, we quickly and carefully to clean surfaces of odor-causing particles, remove items not restorable, and deodorize items that have absorbed odor particles.

Odor-causing particles are part of every residue that coats structural and personal property after a fire. These residues generate odors as long as they are left on the surface and can be absorbed depending if it is porous like drywall or a sofa. Non-porous surfaces like glass and metal resist absorption very effectively. To make certain we clean away all odor-causing particles and residues, we carefully look at every room in the home and not just near the fire’s point of origin. Smoke can leave odors everywhere.

As team members clean restorable property, other team members remove odor sources. That includes all property charred or scorched from the open flames or excess heat, as well as property, determined more expensive to clean than replace. Since this damaged property continues to give off odors, removing it is also our first action to deodorize the home.

Now we deodorize the home. This process differs from cleaning in that we neutralize and counter the actual odor-causing particles rather than clean and remove them from surfaces. In many cases, we can use chemical agents applied directly to the property to stop the odor entirely. These sanitizers are very effective on both personal and structural property.

When the odor has penetrated into a surface, we use fog machines. The deodorizing agent we use then combines with the particles, neutralizing and destroying them.

If the particles have penetrated deeply into the surface, we use an ozone generator. This device creates particles that can penetrate as deeply as the odor particles, combining with and destroying them.

With the odors gone, our teams can move on to repairing and even remodeling the home. Our company is a licensed, general contractor with the State of Florida and has over 25 years of experience with everything from hanging new drywall to installing a new roof after fires and other disasters.

Removing fire damage odors from your home is not a quick or simple process, which is one reason why Express Emergency Services maintains a 24/7 service. We guarantee a one-hour response to your initial call, so if you need us, contact us today at 561-513-5977 to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate.

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