Read Our Blog | Express Emergency Services - Part 4

With its location on the Florida east coast and with I-95 and Highway One running through it, Lake Worth residents have seen every type of accident or disaster possible in our area. Storms can flood and wreck almost anything, but broken sewer mains and hydrants crushed in traffic accidents can cause just as much water […]

Many Delray Beach homeowners suffer through some fire to their residence. Most incidents are usually limited to one room like a kitchen. In extreme cases though, with a fast-moving fire, the entire home can be affected; requiring extensive work to make it safe and livable again. For thorough removal, repair, and restoration of fire damage […]

Boca Raton residents often find themselves on the receiving end of water-related disasters. Broken plumbing and hurricanes can leave extensive damage to structural property. If there is damage not repaired, or water not discovered and removed, further moisture in the home can also cause extensive problems with mold. To remove mold damage from your Boca […]