Restorations can Effectively Remediate Fire Damage of Your Family Home in Delray Beach - Water Damage Restoration Boca Raton

Restorations can Effectively Remediate Fire Damage of Your Family Home in Delray Beach

Fire happens all too often, destroying someone’s home, leaving them essentially not only homeless but also without the very comforts they have come to rely on over the years. Insurance agents often place families in basic hotel rooms immediately after a fire, but this is no way to live for more than a few weeks, especially when there are children or seniors in your family.
We help families in Delray Beach whose homes have fire damage by restoring their home to pre-fire condition. Because each fire is different, the time required can vary considerably from one home to another, but we always work quickly without cutting corners. We know your family needs a safe and secure home in which to live. Both completeness and safety are part of making a house a home.
There are many different aspects of fire damage. The fire itself can create a multitude of problems inside your home, from charred and blackened walls and ceilings to electrical problems to water damage from firefighting efforts. Each of these challenges and others can, in turn, create additional situations that can make living in your home unsafe and risky.
Walls, ceilings, and floors that have fire damage can become significantly weaker. They do not need to be burned for them to be damaged by heat. Weakened internal structures in ceilings and floors must be addressed and rectified with new support beams. Walls should also be repaired where needed, especially in those locations where beams are load-bearing.
While internal spaces of walls are inspected, electrical wires can also be examined for melted insulating covers. Sockets should also be examined visually for signs of melting. This indicates a need for the socket to be replaced and the wires connected to it to also be inspected for evidence of damage.
Water from not only fire hoses but also from any rain that may have entered before the house being tarped is a concern. Because the home is not occupied, ventilation is closed off. However, water can quickly evaporate into the air and be absorbed by drier materials, making dehumidification of the entire home a necessity, even if the fire affected only part of the home.
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