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For West Palm Beach businesses, water is the usual threat to both a structure and the machinery and inventory inside. While storms make up much of that threat, water from faulty sprinklers or other failing appliances can spill hundreds of gallons of water over everything. For commercial water damage restoration in West Palm Beach, owners […]

The storms that strike our community can sometimes be devastating, but most water damage to Boca Raton commercial operations comes from far less spectacular sources. Broken inlet pipes and failed plumbing that flood a business overnight cost area businesses more than a storm that blows through in a few hours. In a business like a […]

Flooding is almost a common event for Ft. Lauderdale residents. Damage can result from a plumbing failure or one of the extreme weather events that strike our coasts every year. Express Emergency Services is ready to support our neighbors regardless of the amount of water, or when it might happen. With a one-hour initial response […]

For Delray Beach homes, water damage is not just about storms. Appliances fail, and pipes break, causing millions in damage each year, even without hurricanes, and other storms figured into the total costs. That helps to make water damage in Delray Beach the #1 insurance claim in the area and elsewhere in South Florida. It […]