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Mold spores are in every Boynton Beach business. The only exceptions are so-called ‘clean rooms’ like hospital surgery theaters and in facilities that build delicate, electronic components. Usually, they are inert and as harmless as house dust. With enough moisture, the spores begin to expand and grow, seeking more moisture and a food source. For […]

For Lantana residents, it is a very simple message. Don’t live with mold damage in your home. Immediate cleaning, removal, and replacement is the only way to keep any residence safe for occupation. At Express Emergency, we encourage homeowners to call our response team specialists when they see mold in Lantana or only suspect it […]

After Boynton Beach homeowners dry out after a flood or extreme storm, the services they use often do not examine the structure to eliminate the threat of a possible mold infestation. Not every restoration company in our area even deals with mold. That is why Express Emergency is a full-service restoration agency when it comes […]