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Fire Damage Cleanup and Repair Requirements in Delray Beach Homes

Despite our state’s reputation for extreme weather, it is fire that still paralyzes Delray Beach residents. Watching the wind peel off a roof doesn’t make too many life-long residents even blink, but watching smoke rise from anywhere except the backyard grill sends everyone scrambling to call 911.

When it comes to clean up and repair of Delray Beach fire damage, fast response and full-service are needed. Express Emergency Services covers both. We guarantee a one-hour response to the initial call for assistance. Our 24/7 team of specialists quickly arrive on site, determine the most immediate threat, and start to work.

Residential fires usually start in the kitchen or the garage. Kitchen fires often burn more slowly and restrict themselves to physically damaging only that area while sending smoke throughout the rest of the home. With these fires, team members concentrate on removing damaged property, cleaning up the smoke and grease residues, and restoring the home and affected property by smaller amounts of smoke residues.

Garage fires burn more quickly since the incident involves a more flammable accelerant like gasoline or paint thinner. The flames travel higher and are not restricted by the lower ceiling in the rest of the home. Because of this, the physical damage can spread into the roof, and the smoke can penetrate even farther.

Here, Express Emergency teams dispose of far more damaged property and spend more time and resources on replacing structure like wall frames and even roof support when needed. Since the fire burns hotter than in a kitchen fire, the residues left behind are powdery compared to a kitchen fire and easier to clean and remove.

Regardless if the fire is in the kitchen, garage, or the master bath, each team member trains extensively to clean, restore, and care for every home. As a local company, Express Emergency Services understands that every residence is not just a customer, but a neighbor as well. If you need our help, call us immediately at 561-513-5977.

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