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For a Fast Response to Fire Damage in Boynton Beach, Call Express Emergency Services

Once a Boynton Beach home survives a fire, there is an immediate need to secure it from additional damage. Depending on the weather and severity, it may need to happen before beginning disposal and cleaning actions.

Fire damage to a Boynton Beach home can mean the residence is open to the elements. An Express Emergency Services response team quickly moves in to board up windows, and doors affected by the heat and flames or knocked down by firefighters extinguishing the blaze. Personnel uses plywood panels to block the windows and perform a quick fix to broken doors, so they block weather and small animal intrusion.

If damage to the roof or walls exposed the interior, specialists could use plywood. If there is already rain coming down or wind is spreading debris, they can quickly stretch a tarp across the damaged area and secure it to undamaged sections.

After securing the home, Express Emergency Services team members begin removing property too damaged for restoration. Quick disposal serves two purposes: First, it clears out the home so an inspector can determine structural damage and start work on cleaning and restoration, or to dispose of burned or otherwise affected building material like drywall and wood framing.

Second, disposal also removes the sources of many odors left by the smoke and soot which settles onto surfaces after extinguishing the flames. That allows our personnel to determine the origin of remaining odors and also provide a better environment for anyone inside the home.

With disposal completed, our personnel begins cleaning. Specialists start with walls, ceilings, and floors, to remove the majority of soot and other residues from the salvageable material so that construction can start as quickly as possible.

Dealing with these issues is why we guarantee an initial one-hour response time to every emergency; 24/7. If you need a fast response to fire damage in your home, call Express Emergency Services at 561-513-5977 immediately.

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