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Water Cleanup Operations for Ft. Lauderdale Residences

Flooding is almost a common event for Ft. Lauderdale residents. Damage can result from a plumbing failure or one of the extreme weather events that strike our coasts every year. Express Emergency Services is ready to support our neighbors regardless of the amount of water, or when it might happen.

With a one-hour initial response time to floods and other disasters, residents can depend on us for water cleanup in Ft. Lauderdale and then rapidly restore their homes while protecting the property from further damage. As a full-service restoration company, our personnel can move into a home with the right equipment almost immediately. Technicians use industrial grade pumps and other water extraction devices to clear a home quickly so that cleaning and drying procedures can begin.

If the water was from outside flooding, it contains soil and other contaminants. In this case, our first task is to spray the affected structure and property with an anti-bacterial cleaning agent even before starting the pumps. It neutralizes the health threat to technicians and residents.

As specialists remove the water, team members begin disposing of all property too damaged for restoration. That includes paper items like books, magazines, and documents like warranties and licenses. Rapid disposal is needed to protect floors and carpets from inks that leech off these items into the flood water.

Standing water from any source can pull dyes and varnishes from furniture like sofas and chairs. That is why, if the flooding remained in place for a longer period, Express Emergency team members remove salvageable items before allowing the pumps to complete work.

After removing the water, technicians move in with commercial grade, carpet shampooers, and detergents designed to remove dyes, inks, and other stains without harming the fibers or nape of the carpet. If there are exposed wood floors, they use other cleaners that remove any contaminants without pitting or staining the surface.

Regardless if it is a major storm or a ruptured inlet pipe, Express Emergency Services is here for you. As a licensed contractor, our teams can clean, repair, and restore your home to its original, pre-flood condition. To set up a visit from one of our teams, call 561-513-5977 today.

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