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Prepare your property for Hurricane Season in South Florida.

Express Emergency Services are always available to help you with any damages that your property may have suffered due to severe storms. We hope that you will only need our services in rare cases, so here are some helpful steps to get you prepared for the Hurricane Season.


Pay Attention to Predictions – Because weather can change frequently, staying on top of forecasts is crucial.

Check Your Home Owner’s Insurance Policy – Make sure that your insurance is up to date. Hurricane Season is here, and here are some things you should do in order to prepare:

  • Understand what it doesn’t cover and make sure that all the coverages you require are listed. Flooding is not covered by a homeowner’s policy. In order to protect your property from flood losses, you must purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program 30 days before your policy takes effect.
  • The insurance carrier’s name may differ from the name of the insurance agent or agency. Many independent agents can provide coverage through several carriers. You should know your insurance company’s name and policy number, as well as your agent’s contact information.
  • You should maintain a running inventory of your belongings, preferably a digital copy that is stored online, so your insurance company can properly assess a loss.

Prepare Your Property – You should take advantage of this time of advance notice to get your house, yard, and business ready for the incoming wind and rain that hurricanes bring. Before landfall, you should:

  • Make sure your yard is free of debris that could become airborne and cause damage to your home.
  • Clear your gutters so proper drainage can occur.
  • Put your lawn furniture away and keep umbrellas away as well.
  • Ensure you have emergency supplies (batteries, flashlights, handheld radios, plenty of food and water) in case of a power outage.
  • Make sure your car has enough fuel.
  • You should also charge your electronic devices.
  • Buy a “power brick” to charge your phone without electricity.


Even after sufficient preparation, your property may have encountered some damage. Give us a call at 561-286-3768 to conduct a thorough inspection and help repair any issues that you may have.

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