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The Many Tools of Water Removal in Boynton Beach Homes

Substantial water loss incidents can leave several inches, or even feet, of water on the floors of your Boynton Beach home. As quickly as these situations can get out of control, implementing professional extraction and drying services from our Express Emergency team can reduce your overall restoration costs. Unlike many other professional outfits in South Florida, we can guarantee a one-hour response from the time you contact us, allowing us to coordinate efforts with our customers and their insurance providers to begin restoration.

The priority from our arrival is water removal for Boynton Beach homes. Determining the best equipment to begin this process involves several factors, including depth, location of the damage, and whether or not debris and solids are present. Other mitigation steps, such as controlled demolition and drying, are less efficient and cost-effective without first removing any standing water in the residence. Once we remove standing water and dry materials with air movers, we have licensed contractors (#CGC1523615) that can repair and rebuild damaged areas.

Electric Submersible Pumps 

Electric sump pumps are the most conventional tool used for the removal of standing water by our Express Emergency Services team. If the water is greater than two inches in depth, sump pumps can offer a continuous draw with a longer possible discharge line. This design makes these pumps also ideal for crawlspace water removal or upper floor extraction.

Trash Pumps 

If debris or any solids could be present in the standing water, electric sump pumps cannot handle the stresses of moving this heavier load. Gas-powered trash pumps have a wider intake and discharge hose, allowing for a steadier draw and removal rate, even with particulates. These are also an ideal choice if power is limited or disconnected entirely from the house. 

Wet Vacuuming 

When pooling water has dropped below the critical two-inch mark, submersible pumps of any variety cease to be as effective. At this transition point, wet-vacuuming is the appropriate step to continue water removal using portable machines fitted with material-specific wands and accessories. These vacuums can hook up to weighted extraction devices that force moisture to the surface of carpeted areas and can protect these materials from requiring replacement.

Our commitment to a guaranteed one-hour response means that our customers have the peace of mind that our IICRC-certified technicians are on the way. Our Express Emergency Services team has cutting-edge equipment that can remove standing water and prepare your home for rapid drying solutions to follow. Give us a call anytime at (561) 513-5977, and we can get your home back to pre-loss condition with a complete build back.

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