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Pre and Post Construction Cleanup after Ocean Ridge Water Damage

Water damages can be a real threat to Ocean Ridge homes, specifically in times when property owners underestimate the severity of these disasters. From burst pipes in the walls of your house to a broken washing machine or water heater in a condo, we commit to a one-hour response time that can have our experienced restoration team to your doorstep quickly to help.

Water cleanup for Ocean Ridge homes is critical for many reasons beyond its ability to return a property to its original state. Water damages can often substantially damage sensitive materials like drywall, wood, and ceiling tiles. After as little as 24 hours, these materials can lose their strength and their resiliency. Controlled demolition techniques can remove some of these threatening areas from your house, which could collapse and hurt one of our restorers or an occupant of the residence.

Many have come to see that Express Emergency Services can manage surface water with our line of extraction tools and rapid drying solutions. We work quickly to address loose debris and remnants of drywall and other construction materials present in the house. Containing particles and dust prevent unnecessary risks like health effects from becoming aerosolized threats for any person or pet exposed. We can also work during our demolition and build back processes to limit the production of dust and debris to ensure that our entire team contributes to the fast turnaround on water restoration. Learn more about moisture meters

Residues present on surfaces and structural elements that are not getting removed is another level to the complete, comprehensive service our Express Emergency Services technicians can offer area residents. We have potent cleaning products and practical techniques to remove debris, dirt, and film from surfaces. We even have efficient strategies to inhibit the growth of mold and fungus on these materials until relative humidity levels get contained and reduced to acceptable parameters.

Water loss incidents can present many threats to your home, including a pressing need for cleaning, deodorization, and reconstruction. As a comprehensive restoration and recovery provider, our Express Emergency Services team can help. Give us a call anytime at (561) 513-5977

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