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After Boynton Beach homeowners dry out after a flood or extreme storm, the services they use often do not examine the structure to eliminate the threat of a possible mold infestation. Not every restoration company in our area even deals with mold. That is why Express Emergency is a full-service restoration agency when it comes […]

Boca Raton residents often find themselves on the receiving end of water-related disasters. Broken plumbing and hurricanes can leave extensive damage to structural property. If there is damage not repaired, or water not discovered and removed, further moisture in the home can also cause extensive problems with mold. To remove mold damage from your Boca […]

Moisture and dampness in areas of your Highland Beach home can meet the conditions required for microbial or mold growth. Within a short amount of time, these present mold spores can seat into organic materials used in your house’s construction to colonize. Finding yourself facing a growing colony can prove overwhelming to those unprepared for […]