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Whether you have mold issues in your attic, walls, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or basement, it is possible to remove the mold damaged materials and get the professional help you need to help prevent future problems from developing.   Mold Damage found on your Boynton Beach property can have devastating, long-lasting effects on your indoor […]

When deep cleaning your home for the holiday season, or at any other time, you expect to find some areas that have gone longer than you might like to admit, but life is busy these days, and things can often get set aside for a later time. Cleaning these areas up can make you feel […]

The worst situation a Boynton Beach homeowner can think of is discovering a mold infestation growing in their home. You can depend on the team at Express Emergency to respond fast to begin the cleanup and remediation process. Our specialists will attack your infestation head on, and we will conduct rigorous mold testing. Our mold […]

Mold is an organic organism, which means it is viable or living. It is a fungus and the spores that can cause the infestation of your home are all around outside. This mold, even the less dangerous types, can cause bad coughing and worse in many people, especially those allergic to it. It needs a […]