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Vandalism & Break-In Damage Repair

Vandalism Damage Repair

Our vandalism and graffiti restoration service will help you restore your property fast and effectively

Whatever type of vandalism your property has suffered, we will clean, secure, and restore it quickly and efficiently. Call Express Emergency Today. If you need vandalism damage repair, graffiti removal, cleanup, or restoration services, contact us today. Dealing with the aftermath of vandalism can be both stressful and frustrating and cleanup should be the last thing on your mind as you deal with the emotional toll. Our highly trained professionals can have your property looking like new again in no time.

Most property damage results from natural disasters like rain, floods, fires, and severe storms, but it is also possible to return home after an excellent day to find your home damaged by vandalism. Acts of vandalism are difficult to prevent since they usually take place as random acts and the type of damage they cause can vary widely.

Vandalism causes property damage on a different level than natural disasters because it is caused by malicious acts committed by individuals. We are able to apply our disaster restoration training and skills to help homes and businesses repair damages caused by vandalism, regardless of the cause. We can clean up any mess left by vandals and repair damaged furnishings and structural elements in your home using advanced cleaning equipment and products.

We offer the following vandalism restoration services:

• Graffiti Removal

• Cleanup in general

• The power washing process

• Cleaning and disinfecting

• Removing and deodorizing odors

To limit further damage caused by vandalism, please contact us and take the following actions:

• Get rid of eggs or debris from the outside of your building or home

• If food debris is on carpeting or walls, it should be scraped off rather than rubbed off

• You can use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove any broken glass particles

• Make sure you do not attempt to clean chemical stains such as paint on your own

• Electrical appliances that have been damaged should not be used

• Don’t throw away any damaged features because they may be helpful in repairing the damage

• Furniture and upholstery should not be cleaned by anyone other than a professional

• Ensure that all damage is documented

In the event that your property has been damaged by vandalism, contact us for vandalism and property damage restoration services. All types of property damage caused by vandals can be effectively repaired and restored by us so that it appears as if it had never happened.