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On Labor Day weekend the plumbing for the condo unit above ours broke, and within minutes, water was seeping into our unit. Once the water was shut off we contacted Express Emergency Services to handle the situation. Their technicians arrived right away and began to pack out all of our furniture, clothing, and personal effects which were stored off-site in an air-conditioned storage unit. They stayed on and began the water damage assessment and clean-up. They documented everything down to the letter which made the insurance process much easier later on. The clean-up was completed on schedule and they really did an amazing job of fixing what I thought was going to be catastrophic damage. All of our furniture and belongings were moved in by the same crew and put back right as they were before the leak. Fast, professional, and easy to work with – they did a great job.
Alexa / Boca Raton


Express handled the cleanup and repair of water damage in my bathroom. They were fast and did a great job on the clean up.
John / Deerfield Beach


When an inspector found mold in our house just days after we found a buyer for it, I was devastated. The mold had originated from the master bathroom shower and spread into the bedroom. My husband and I were under both time and financial constraints to sell the house as quickly as possible. We contracted with Express Emergency Services to remove the mold and fix any damage it caused. Express provided a complete search of the house for additional mold spots as they had identified several risk factors for mold growths in the house. As luck would have it, they found additional mold in the kitchen that the inspector had missed. Express not only caught the other mold but did a great job on the extraction and clean-up as well. The workers were all friendly and answered all my questions too.

Joanna / Highland Beach



After a small fire in our restaurant I called Express to come and remove the smoke residue and smell before permanent damage set in. They arrived quickly and finished the job quickly, letting me re-open the business sooner. They also managed to remove the odor from our carpeting and furniture, saving me big replacement costs.

David / Boca Raton



After the storm, I returned home to find an old tree in our front yard had been uprooted and had crashed into our living room. The damage was extensive and I had never dealt with anything like this before. A friend referred me to Express who I hired to do the clean up and remodel for the tree damage. They made sure to document all the damage and we had no problems with the insurance company. Express handled all the permitting and contracting and also removed and stored our furniture and pictures during the clean up. They were at my house everyday working until the damage was fixed and the remodel was complete. I would recommend Express Emergency Services to anyone who has damage to their home from a storm or accident.

Jack / Lantana



Our rental home had significant fire damage that we needed fixed ASAP in order to keep the property profitable. Express handled every aspect of the job for us, which meant we didn’t have to bother with contracting out two or three companies to handle the whole job. They came the day of the fire and boarded up the property while assessing and documenting the damage. They brought in special machines to remove soot and the smoky odor that had coated the house and furniture. Once the furniture was cleaned, they moved it off site and into storage and began the repair/remodel process. They made a difficult situation much easier to deal with and did a great job on the remodel.

Sue / Pompano Beach

Mark R Izzo

Imagine closing on your new home and preparing to do a minor kitchen remodel.. Now imagine the contractor you hire begins demolition and finds mold. What to do. I called Express Emergency Services. They came out the same day and had the mold removed and my home back in order within the week. The price was right too!

Mark R Izzo / Pompano Beach


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