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Eliminating and Removing Mold Damage in Boynton Beach

After Boynton Beach homeowners dry out after a flood or extreme storm, the services they use often do not examine the structure to eliminate the threat of a possible mold infestation. Not every restoration company in our area even deals with mold.

That is why Express Emergency is a full-service restoration agency when it comes to mold damage in Boynton Beach homes. Our personnel train on each type of disaster that can strike our area throughout the year. It is why we are the best choice for homeowners to prevent a mold infestation, clean one up after discovering it, and restoring a home after removing property too infested for cleaning.

Our services begin with spraying visible mold growth with an anti-fungal agent. This action stops most further mold growth as our specialists find the source of the mold to eliminate it. They also search for any water sources that caused inert mold spores to expand and grow to dry them and stop further growth completely.

Next, our personnel clean mold off surfaces using a combination of cloths, sponges, and cleaning agents where necessary. If the mold growth went undetected for a long period, it might be thick enough to require Express Emergency teams to use wire brushes or other agitation devices to break up thick layers and free them from the surfaces of personal and structural property like tabletops and wall framing.

For extreme infestations, our specialists can also use the method of soda blasting. They use a high-pressure sprayer to force sodium bicarbonate across surfaces to remove mold. It even removes the mold that penetrated surfaces without causing further damage.

If an item cannot be restored or cleaned, we can, as a certified general contractor, demolish and remove infested items in full accordance with state and federal EPA regulations. After removing all infested property, our builders can replace everything to include new floors, walls, and roofs.

Each homeowner is also one of our neighbors at Express Emergency. We work to treat each residence with the same care we would on our own. If you need us, call 561-513-5977 today to set up an inspection or to have one of our teams begin immediately.

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