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Comprehensive Water Restoration Solutions for Ft. Lauderdale Offices

Meeting the needs of your Ft. Lauderdale business after a water loss incident provides a critical timeline for our responding restorers. For office spaces and their open layout, water loss effects can spread quickly throughout the building and affect individual work spaces, break rooms, conference rooms, and equipment. Addressing these concerns involves a fast response, and our Express team can get back with you within an hour of your initial call.

To expedite Ft. Lauderdale office water damage restoration, we keep service vehicles and production trucks stocked with essential equipment and tools to manage water loss emergencies. From extraction devices to high-velocity air movers, we can meet the pressing timeline of restoring your office space in a minimalistic way. In many situations, we can work around your staff to dry and restore the building without interfering much in the daily production of the office.

Establishing drying zones can help to accomplish this as this can maximize the output and effectiveness of drying equipment and specialty tools like drying mats, carpet wands, and air scrubbers. Containment also limits cross-contamination in a scenario where microbial growth is possible. If necessary, our professionals can relocate potentially affected contents, equipment, and furniture within the drying zone to benefit production and to protect these items from saturation damage.

Even with the fast response that we can guarantee when you work with our Express team, there are situations where water damage is too severe to protect affected flooring or wall systems. In these situations, we have an in-house team of licensed (CGC1523615) contractors that can utilize controlled demolition techniques to minimize tear-out and work to fully repair and rebuild these areas once drying and restoration complete.

It is always a priority of our Express Emergency Services professionals to keep your office going after a disaster because we know that you can lose money with your doors closed. We offer real-time solutions to help with drying and restoration for whatever damages your building faces after water emergencies. Give us a call today at (561) 513-5977.

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