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Express Emergency Services – Water Damage in Boca Raton

Water damage can destroy a home, regardless if the source is a severe storm or a pipe that burst in the attic and leaked down through the second and first floors while everyone was sleeping or away for the weekend. When the cause is non-storm related, it can even be worse since homeowners, and even some restoration companies do not take it as seriously.
With Express Emergency, we know better. After more than 25 years in the local area, we have the experience to look above, behind, and underneath every place where water can find a way to intrude. As technicians begin removing water from off of floors and carpets, one of our inspectors determines the source of the threat and work to stop or repair it. If the source requires more than turning off the water or tightening a loose connection, we recommend the homeowner engage a licensed contractor.  We understand that water damage in Boca Raton can be a real threat to your home’s structure.
If damaged structural or personal property is not repairable, we dispose of it after getting the homeowner’s permission. That can include removing furniture, appliances, and building material like ceiling tiles or drywall panels. If there is soil or other contaminants in the water, this can also include disposing of clothing, curtains or drapes, and linens.
As we finish disposal, team members begin working on restoring the home. After using commercial pumps and extraction wands to remove the majority of the water, they begin to draw out the remaining moisture from the air and surrounding property that was otherwise undamaged.
To complete this, we use air movers to force warm, dry air across surfaces, which forces moisture out and pushes the surrounding damp air out of the affected area. We augment this effort with fans placed at exits to pull the damp air out of the home. To lower the overall indoor humidity, we install dehumidifiers to pull out over 20 gallons of water per day, depending on the amount of moisture trapped in the surrounding environment.
If you are dealing with the damage left by a failed dishwasher or still recovering from a recent storm, you need to bring in professional help. Express Emergency Services has helped home, and business owners in Boca Raton recover and reopen for over 25 years. If you need us, call 562-513-5977 today.
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