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Express Emergency Services received a call from a customer in Aventura, Florida who needed commercial property remediation services. Their restaurant had incurred flooding and flooring water damage, resulting in the need for immediate assistance. The contents of the kitchen also needed to be removed and stored until the restoration process was complete.

Assessment of Damage

Our team promptly arrived at the scene to assess the damage and formulate a plan of action. We determined that the affected area required extensive drying, flooring repairs, and restoration to make it safe and functional again.

Aventura Commercial Remediation

Water Extraction

The first step in the remediation process was to extract the water from the premises. Our team utilized powerful pumps and dehumidifiers to remove as much moisture as possible, preventing any further deterioration. We then began the drying process, utilizing specialized equipment and techniques to completely dry the affected materials.

Aventura Commercial Remediation

Inspection of Flooring Damage

Once the property was dry, we began assessing the flooring damage. Our team conducted a thorough inspection to identify any damaged areas that needed to be repaired or replaced. We worked with the customer to select the most suitable flooring options for the restaurant, ensuring that it matched the original aesthetic and functionality.

Throughout the remediation process, we prioritized the safety of both our customers and employees. We followed strict safety protocols and adhered to all local regulations to ensure the well-being of everyone involved.

Restoration of Contents

In addition to the flooring repairs, we also focused on restoring the restaurant’s kitchen contents. Our team carefully removed and stored the affected items, ensuring that they were kept safe and secure until we could return them. We worked closely with the customer to develop a restoration plan that would prioritize the restoration of their kitchen equipment, fixtures, and utensils.

Final Inspection

Once the remediation work was completed, we conducted a final inspection of the property to ensure it meets the customer’s expectations. We provided detailed documentation, including before and after photographs, to demonstrate the progress made throughout the project.

At Express Emergency Services, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver exceptional service and work that exceeds customer expectations. The commercial property remediation project in Aventura, Florida was no exception. Our team’s attention to detail and dedication to excellence resulted in a successful restoration that allowed the restaurant to resume its operations as soon as possible.

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