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We received a call from a customer in North Lauderdale who needed our biohazard cleanup services for their residential hoarding situation. The customer informed us that they had lived in their cluttered home for several years, but the recent death of a family member had brought the home’s cleanliness to their attention.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, we swiftly dispatched a team of our professional technicians to the customer’s home to assess the situation and determine the scope of work required. Upon arrival, the team was greeted by an overwhelming amount of debris, clutter, and unsanitary conditions.

PPE Equipment and Safety

Our team immediately donned appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure the safety of everyone involved. They began by establishing a containment area to prevent the spread of any potential biohazards. Next, they systematically cleared the clutter, using specialized tools and machinery to navigate through tight spaces and remove heavy objects.

Adherence to Regulations and Industry Standards

As work progressed, the extent of the biohazard contamination became apparent. Our team encountered biohazardous waste such as bodily fluids, animal waste, and contaminated furniture. They meticulously disposed of these materials in accordance with local regulations and industry standards.

Disinfection and Deodorization

To ensure the cleanliness and sanitization of the home, our technicians used advanced cleaning techniques and specialized cleaning products. They also disinfected and deodorized the affected areas, restoring a sense of normalcy to the customer’s living space.

Throughout the cleanup process, our team maintained open lines of communication with the customer, ensuring their comfort and providing any necessary support. They addressed any concerns or questions the customer had, ensuring their peace of mind.

Thorough Inspection Upon Completion of Work

After successfully completing the biohazard cleanup, our team thoroughly inspected the premises one last time to ensure everything was restored to a safe, habitable condition. They cleaned and disinfected the containment area, leaving no evidence behind of the distressing situation.

The customer expressed deep gratitude for our prompt and professional response. They expressed relief that their home was now clean and safe, allowing them to begin their healing process.

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