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Lake Worth Professional Water Removal and Damage Restoration

In Lake Worth, water intrusions and floods can occur from a variety of sources. Even when our state is not in the middle of storm season, homes suffer millions of dollars each year in water damage from failed plumbing, cracked pipes, and broken appliances like water heaters and dishwashers.

For professional water removal/damage restoration, Lake Worth residents know to call Express Emergency Services. Our response teams can repair every type of damage and then rebuild each home or business back to its pre-disaster condition. Where possible, technicians can also improve on the original design to create a new living or workspace at no or little cost over the restoration expense.

Regardless of the water source, however, quick removal is the first step to returning home to normal. That is why we maintain a one-hour response time to every initial call to our offices. Our operators use an extensive checklist to determine the level of damage and what tools we need for removal and the other services to provide once our response team arrives on-site.

After removing the water, Express Emergency Services team members examine the walls and floors. If the water stayed in place for more than a few hours, it had time to compromise building materials like drywall panels and floor trim. Often, the damage is minor, and our specialists can dry them using fans and other tools that force out moisture without cracking or splitting the materials.

For major damage, our teams can quickly demolish and dispose of drywall, floor trim, floorboards, and other material. As a certified general contractor (CGC#1523615), we can perform every task needed to rebuild the home. That includes constructing all supports from wall framing to load-bearing walls compromised by the water. If the intrusion began in the attic, our specialists can also install new ceilings and even replace affected roof support structures.

Our goal for Lake Worth and other area homes is to provide homeowners with a residence indistinguishable from its condition before the water. If this is what you want for your home, call Express Emergency Services today at 561-513-5977. We are here to support moving your home, and you, back to normal.

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