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The Niceties of an Old House Restoration

There is no doubt that being involved in an old house restoration project can be an immensely rewarding experience, especially if it’s been in the family for generations. However, there are many things that can go wrong if your skills aren’t up to par. There are many problems that can show up out of nowhere and, if you’re not prepared, you may quickly find that your dreams can suddenly turn into your worst nightmares.

You never know what you are dealing with upon the first inspection so make sure your initial survey is extensive. Anything that may have an impact on the structural integrity such as flooding or severe weather, which can cause supporting walls to buckle and collapse, should be inspected by certified restoration services. Old wiring is also an extremely high fire risk and you will probably need to carry out a complete re-wiring to bring it up to the latest building codes. These are just a couple of examples of what you could run into when restoring an old house and how it can turn into an extremely expensive undertaking.

The Biggest Problem Areas with an Old House Restoration Project

The process of restoring an old house can be a long and arduous task and is much more involved than just replacing a few floorboards and giving it a new coat of paint. Indeed, many house restoration companies will tell you that assessing the structural integrity is the first and most vital step before you consider anything else.

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Your safety and that of anyone involved in the project is of the highest importance so you need to ensure that any work you attempt to do has been thoroughly planned out first and doesn’t put anyone’s life at risk. Our professional home restoration services can help you avoid some of the dangers inherent in paying attention to areas such as:

  • Structural integrity: At some stage, you will have to get a professional survey carried out but you can check for obvious signs yourself. Large cracks in walls, windows and/or doors out of alignment are sure signs of potential structural failure. Also, take a look at the roof for signs of buckling.
  • Water damage: Tidemarks on walls are a sure sign of flooding at some point. Check for water seepage in the walls, especially in the basement and around all windows. Again, check the roof for missing tiles and the timber for signs of rot. If anything, call fire and water damage restoration services.
  • Electrical system: Old houses can be deathtraps with faulty wiring, especially if they are exposed in areas. Vermin like to chew on the casing that encompasses the wiring and this often leads to short outs which can easily spark, igniting nearby combustible sources.
  • Replacement materials: When you start your old house restoration, don’t fall into the trap of choosing cheaper materials to try and save money. You want any improvement you make to last your lifetime or even longer, and by skimping now you may find that you will have to do it all again in a few years.

Let Our Professional Home Restoration Services Help You

While there are many house restoration companies out there who advertise amazing services that promise to make your dreams come true, none offer the sheer professionalism and dedication to the smallest detail that our experts do. Our home restoration services provide hard-working experts who will give all the assistance you need from the initial survey and permits through to extensive planning and material sourcing to ensure that your dream house is perfect.

For professional old house restoration assistance carried out to the highest of standards by leading experts get in touch with us now!

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