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Recovery Steps from Fire Damage in Palm Beach

Just hearing the word ‘fire’ stirs up deep fears in homeowners. It does not matter if your residence is a duplex, a trailer, or a 4-bedroom, split-level on the beach; the emotion is real and when the worst does happen, you need Express Emergency Services to help you through every step of recovery.

First, our team conducts a thorough inspection of your Palm Beach home. From this, we develop a plan to remove fire damaged property, eliminate smoke odors, and repair or replace damaged building material.

Once we know the structure is safe, our team removes damaged personal property and structural components (floor trim, crown molding, etc.) from the home. We clean property like a sofa set at the location if it is safe to do so. Other assets that would need particular care (dry-cleaning for example), we take to our facility or send to a commercial business.

With the home cleaned out, we move on to examine the structural framing and determine what needs replacing. Our crew is highly trained and can replace most wall frames and other supports without the need of a general contractor.

Next, we remove damaged floors, carpets, and linoleum. Heat can quickly warp wood floors and kitchen floor coverings. If there are floorboards that are undamaged, we leave them in place if possible. If not, our crew members put them in storage until we finish cleaning and other repairs. Scorched carpeting must be thrown out, but we attempt to deodorize the carpets with the client’s approval. Carpet pads are difficult to clean, and we recommend disposal as it is cheaper to replace them.

Now we deodorize the home. For framing and other building materials that are sound, we spray or wipe down with smoke counter agents and anti-microbial chemicals. This combination eliminates odors by attacking the actual particles and does not simply cover them up.

We understand how difficult this is and do everything we can to make the process easier. It is part of our guarantee of services to accept the pricing and payment structure established by our client’s insurance companies. If the policy covers the procedure, the only cost to the homeowner is the deductible.

These are just a few of the expert steps we take to return your home to its original condition. If you have fire damage and need our services, call Express Emergency Services today at 888-334-5994.

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