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Lighthouse Point Water Removal Services

Water damage is usually from some flooding and the resulting standing water. The sources are varied; our infamous thunderstorms and other weather, a broken water line, failed septic tank or even your next door neighbor who decides to refill his pool without unclogging the drains first.

For Lighthouse Point, water removal from any of these disasters needs a competent service to pump out standing water and extract trapped water. Express Emergency Services has served South Florida for years, preserving homes from destruction and helping our neighbors keep their restoration costs affordable.

We start with a quick inspection to determine water levels and if we are dealing with a compromised electrical system. For water levels over two inches, we bring in pumps scaled to the amount of water to remove and how fast we can accomplish it. In most cases, we can remove standing water in a single day.

For water levels under two inches, we use smaller water extraction wands. These are commercial grade water vacuums; larger and stronger than the typical water-vac many people have in their garage or basement.

Regardless of the water level, none of it works without power. We have backup power prepared if the water has compromised the electrical system or if the entire neighborhood is knocked out. Our equipment inventory has several generators on-hand for continuous support.

After we remove the water from your home, we check the air and structural property for excess moisture. If levels remain high, property such as carpet and drywall can continue to degrade and eventually rot. There is also the continuing threat of mold growth with high moisture levels.

For high concentrations, our specialists set up dehumidifiers to draw moisture from the air. These machines can draw out over 20 gallons of water every day. To remove moisture from the structure of your home, we deploy a series of air movers and fans. The air movers blow warm, dry air over the surfaces, forcing moisture out. The fans force the moist air outside of your home.

Removing water and restoring your home to a pre-disaster state is not an easy process. Anyone can use a push broom to move water out of a garage, but when it comes to rescuing carpets, wood floors and drywall, you need a professional company. Express Emergency Services is here to help you do just that. Call us today at 888-334-5994.

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