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Expertly Dealing with Flood Damage after a Storm in Boca Raton

If you have suffered major flood damage to your Boca Raton home, you need to call the only service in town with a guaranteed, one-hour, initial response time. Emergency Express Services can begin the inspection of your home immediately and have a plan to clean, restore and rebuild, ready when the work crew arrives.

After a major storm, removing water may not be enough; between what the wind blows in and the damage left behind, there is always some contamination in what may be clean-looking water. Our inspector can test the water and prepare the response team to remove the dirt and other soils.

Most of the contaminants we remove with the water, but some remain. Once the pumps have finished, our response crew uses detergents and anti-microbial agents to clean carpets and floors with commercial shampooing machines and mops.

If the water was high enough to affect the walls, we have two options. These are cleaning and removal, depending on the building material. We can clean stone and brick from anything; if necessary, we can remove the top layer with a grinder or sander. The same goes for wood paneling, but there are instances when the cost-efficient method is to remove and replace it. Drywall is very susceptible to damage. It is much more cost-efficient to remove it and then rebuild the interior walls with new panels.

Our work crews can also rebuild your home from the ground up if needed. Storms can often drive flood water underneath a foundation and either shift or crack it. We train our employees to lift and shore up where the pad under a garage has been exposed using special jacks and then replace the dirt, rocks and other fill material.

If the foundation is in place, but deep cracks have formed, we have the expertise to clean out the damaged section and inspect it. Our personnel then fill these gaps with new concrete and leave the affected area with a surface that is indistinguishable from the original.

Restoring your home after flood damage looks like a monumental task initially. Hiring the right company to come in after the storm is the first step to restoring not just your home but your life back to normal. Express Emergency Services can be at your home in minutes to get started. Call us today at 888-334-5994.

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