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Removing and Remediating Delray Beach Water Damage

For Delray Beach homes, water damage is not just about storms. Appliances fail, and pipes break, causing millions in damage each year, even without hurricanes, and other storms figured into the total costs.

That helps to make water damage in Delray Beach the #1 insurance claim in the area and elsewhere in South Florida. It also makes this particular disaster a big priority for Express Emergency Services response and cleanup teams. Regardless of the source, once water starts rising inside a home, it starts damaging some property almost immediately like books, newspapers, and other paper products.

Simply removing the water is not enough either. Building material and other property like fabrics have to be dried quickly to prevent permanent loss. Fortunately, our teams can perform every task needed to return personal and structural items to a clean, dry condition.

After water removal, most property retains some moisture. Wood furniture and fabrics are especially vulnerable. To facilitate drying property, team members remove these and other items outside or to an area not affected by water. They place the furniture on pallets or hang them up to get them out of standing water and use a combination of fans and air movers to help speed up the evaporation process.

As team members complete that task, other Express Emergency Services technicians examine the building material exposed to the water. Drywall and floorboards quickly absorb water from a water heater or a broken pipe. If the items absorb enough moisture before our teams can remove the water, drywall breaks down and crumbles in place. Floorboards warp and buckle, sometimes severe enough to pull away from the support structure underneath them.

Our teams remove and dispose of the drywall, make certain the framing behind the damaged panels is still useful, and then hang new panels to re-enclose the rooms. For floorboards, team members carefully draw out the water from between them and use low heat to return them to their original condition and shape.

At Express Emergency Services, we take every step needed to return structural and personal property to its original condition. Our end goal, of course, is to help Delray Beach residents rest easy in a clean, dry home as quickly as possible. If you need us, call today at 561-513-5977.

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