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The Damage a Ruptured Water Heater Can Do to Boynton Beach Homes

Units like the water heater in your Boynton Beach home have a vital role in providing a comfortable living for the occupants of the house. Because many of these tanks only have a life expectancy of a decade, older heaters are at nearly constant risk of rupturing or malfunctioning in some destructive manner. Breaches in the tank or the fixtures connecting it to the service lines can leave you contending with hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water until you can shut off the main water supply.

Addressing water damage to Boynton Beach homes after this disaster should happen immediately. Our Express team is available 24/7 to help, and we can get back with you within an hour of your initial call to get boots on the ground to begin efforts like extraction, drying, and cleaning. Regardless of where your water tank is installed in the house, any level of standing water could pose a threat to materials and contents exposed.

Extraction is one of the priorities of our Express Emergency team when we arrive. Depending on the severity of pooling water, we can utilize either wet vacuums with various attachments like carpet wands or stronger submersible pumps when standing water in the area exceeds two inches in depth. By removing surface water, our technicians can better appreciate how materials and exposed contents have become affected by present moisture.

While we work to provide effective and efficient solutions to protect your home and its belongings, controlled demolition is not always avoidable. We can offer cost-effective reconstruction for your property with a full division of licensed (#CGC1523615) contractors. This seamless transition between extraction and drying can get you back into your home quickly after a disaster so you can get on with life as normal.

We have become a trusted name in all of South Florida for our fast and confident response amid an emergency. Whenever disasters strike, don’t stress – call Express. You can reach our Express Emergency Services team 24/7 at (561) 513-5977.

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