After Disasters as Big as a Hurricane, What To Do? Express Emergency Works Fast to Get You Back in Your Home - Water Damage Restoration Boca Raton

After Disasters as Big as a Hurricane, What To Do? Express Emergency Works Fast to Get You Back in Your Home

A hurricane can devastate entire communities, and bring with it a loss of power, contamination of water supplies, all while causing many other types of damage in areas hit by the storm. After the hurricane has gone inland and lost most of its strength, and subsequently disintegrated, cleanup and restoration efforts can begin. However, power outages can take weeks to be taken care of, making power tools and pumps unusable.

At Express Emergency, after hurricane-related damage in Boca Raton, we have sources of energy that can work around this problem. We can bring in our own portable and trailer mounted generators so we can begin work as soon as possible. We respond to emergencies of all types, and while no one wants to go through a hurricane, we can make sure that the visible damages caused by a disaster, even as large as a hurricane, disappear while at the same time eliminating the risks of secondary water damage. These problems can include mold growth, warped walls and floors, and infrastructure problems concerning plumbing and electrical problems. Many times, these issues are overlooked when a homeowner surveys the explicit wreckage of his property.

Working quickly, but always safely, we will rebuild what was lost to any disaster. Hurricane damage is one type that must be responded to as soon as possible. Waiting to begin rebuilding can allow deterioration of structures, increasing the level of harm experienced, and also create additional secondary damage. As we are rebuilding, we use specialized tools, digital moisture meters, and other equipment so that we know that all aspects of restoration are under control. Records are maintained of the repairs made, the damages that could not be repaired or restored but instead required replacement, and can provide this to you and your insurance company. We can help handle the claims process for you, with your adjuster, further lightening your stress, and helping you return home, or back to business, sooner, and more safely. You pay your deductible to us, and we receive payment from your insurer for the balance. From your initial contact to us, throughout the entire event damaging cleanup, restoration, and insurance pathway, you can rely on Express Emergency Services.

Express Emergency can be reached at (888) 334-5994, and we will respond within one hour to you call. We guaranty the results of our repairs and restorations. Call us when you have had damage to your home or office, whether catastrophic as a hurricane or small as a water leak. We are ready to begin whenever you need us.

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