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Coping with Flood Damage in Your Delray Beach Home? Express Emergency Knows How to Fix It

Flood damage needs special, and fast, care. Response time can affect the outcome, and also determine the level of future problems and a more rapid response can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. That is why when you call Express Emergency, we will respond as fast as possible in order to start removing the water that has flooded your home, and then we will follow through with any repairs and restorations that need to be completed so your home is once again something you can be proud of.

In Delray Beach, flood damage can pose many hazards from the initial flood until your home is completely dry again. Standing water can hide objects that can cause you to fall, or even cut you if you step on something sharp. Flood waters may seem to be slow moving on the surface, but can move much more swiftly underneath, swiftly enough to remove a shoe, making your footing even less secure. Entering or moving around in your flooded home can be dangerous and should only be done when absolutely necessary. While it is true that anything that can be moved to higher levels in your home at the beginning of the flood, this never should mean putting your safety at risk. Other risks include mold, an infestation of pests that need moist environments to thrive, biohazards left behind by flood waters as they recede or are pumped out, and rotting floors and walls that slowly deteriorate with time. We can help you with every stage of recovering from flood damage, keeping you and your family safe.

After removing the water that has flooded your home, we will assess the type of damage left behind. What we can save in a cost-effective and safe manner can save you money. Whatever types of repairs need to be completed, we will do so in a way that is the least problematic for you and your family. We provide direct billing to insurance companies so you will not have to deal with your insurance company. Express Emergency will always work to find the most cost-effective methods with the highest quality materials that result in the safest finished work. We know and understand building requirements in Delray Beach, and will also obtain all of the required permits, further decreasing your need to be involved with red tape and construction worries.

If your home or any other type of property has been flooded with any type of water, call Express Emergency at 888.334.5994 for quick and professional service by skilled, reliable, and experienced builders who can restore your home to livable conditions again.

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