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Cleaning and Drying Hardwood Floors in Delray Beach Homes

Hardwood flooring can add value to your Delray Beach property, but might also be a point of concern when water loss incidents occur. Even with less porous woods like oak and maple planks, moisture can still get absorbed readily into these materials because of the cellulose that exists in the composition of the wood itself. It is always the focus of our Express Emergency team to address these concerns both from a drying and cleaning standpoint.

The water cleanup in your Delray Beach property encompasses potent cleaning products and practices to restore the look and feel of wood flooring when possible. Given the right response to these disasters as they happen, our technicians can employ their experience and training through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to help. This expertise begins with a thorough scoping of the job site.

Much like anywhere else in the country, we respond to varying water losses through our entire service region of South Florida daily. In many situations, our recovery of homes is a blend of on-site extraction and drying, and off-site cleaning and drying from our content management department. Drying out hardwood on-site involves the deployment of drying mats over the wood plank to offer a continual and gradual draw of moisture until we have returned the flooring to its preferred moisture content level.

The Express Emergency team can also work on effective ways to clean and restore the hardwood along with with the drying efforts taking place. Residues and soiling can often accompany even basic water loss incidents, and we have flooring-focused cleaners that can protect the finish of your hardwood and remove these residues. Thyme oil and citric acid-based cleaners can help to maintain the sheen of the finished hardwood and also provide a pleasant scent after cleaning completes.

Whether you need recovery and drying by our team of water restorers, or hardwood floors require controlled demolition and replacement by our licensed (#CGC1523615) residential contractors, we have a one-hour response to get the process started as quickly as possible. Give our Express Emergency Services team a call today at (561) 513-5977.

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