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What to Expect After Mold Growth in Your Highland Beach Home

Mold growth can be an alarming discovery for your Highland Beach residence, and one that you should not delay in addressing. While it is true that many homes in the area battle higher humidity content throughout the year, the presence of mold can still be a destructive force when left to spread and grow unabated. Our Express Emergency professionals can help you through every phase of this process from the initial inspection and damage assessment through build back and reconstruction when necessary.

Saving you time and money on mold remediation and recovery starts with a firm understanding of the severity and spread of mold damage in your Highland Beach home. We have skilled administrators that can walk through the property and see the migration of colonization and the steps that must get taken to recover the damage. In some situations, the presence of mold can get eradicated with potent cleaning products and resurfacing techniques. Still, more severe circumstances require a controlled demolition on degraded materials hosting active colonization.

A blend of these approaches is often necessary for homes where mold damage has spread beyond its origin point through the residence. Quickly determining which materials are unsalvageable can help to reduce the continued spread and migration of these colonies. Controlled demolition by our in-house general contractors can ensure that overly damaged materials get removed. Exposed materials and uncovered framework can get treated with biocides to eliminate present microbes and make surfaces less habitable for further colonization.

Our Express Emergency Services team can help you through the repairs and reconstruction that your home likely requires after widespread mold damage. We have an in-house team of licensed (#CGC1523615) general contractors that can handle build back in your property to your precise specifications. We can even utilize the opportunity to implement remodeling options you might want while areas of your home are a blank canvas.

Mold remediation is a process that should begin as soon as possible when you discover colonization in your home. Our Express Emergency Services team responds to you within an hour and can send help 24/7 by calling (561) 513-5977.

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