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Fire Damage Repair and Rebuilding in Delray Beach

Residents in Delray Beach know we are in the middle of storm season. It gets enough attention that folks take special precautions and prepare to deal with the aftereffects. Unfortunately, they do not prepare for a year-round threat to homes and property in the same manner. Fires can strike any home at any time, even here.

Handling fire damage to Delray Beach homes requires a quick, initial response to preserve structure and property, and then a thorough attention to detail when it comes to rebuilding. As a licensed contractor (CGC#1523615), Express Emergency Services can perform every task needed to put area homes back together after the worst happens.

Our first task is to get everything out of the home that cannot be cleaned or repaired. The faster our teams do this, the less work we have in front of us to remove odors, soot, and smoke residues, so our carpenters can repair and rebuild the damaged portions of the structure.

That is only the beginning for Express Emergency Services though. Fire follows the path of least resistance and, once it gets behind a wall, travel along electrical and other conduits, frying and melting everything in its path. Our trained electricians can strip damaged wiring, remove melted outlets and control panels, then quickly and efficiently replace them to meet the state regulations in every home.

Before the worst happens, there is one key thing homeowners can do to prepare. Place your insurance policy and other legal papers in a fire-proof box so that we can start working with your agent immediately. Express Emergency Services has extensive experience with all major insurance carriers and can make certain only perform the tasks approved by the carrier and help you get every dollar out of your policy under its terms and conditions.

The goal for Express Emergency Services in every Delray Beach home is to return the owners and residents to them as quickly as possible. That means taking every step needed to clean the structure and rebuild it so that anyone who saw it before the fire cannot believe they are in the same home. If this is what you want for your home, call us today at 561-513-5977 to get started.

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