Storm Damage Restoration Services For Boca Raton Homes - Water Damage Restoration Boca Raton

Storm Damage Restoration Services For Boca Raton Homes

As Boca Raton residents know, we are in the height of storm and hurricane season for South Florida. While Hurricane Dorian was, happily, far less damaging than expected, there are many weeks to go.

Fully restoring homes in Boca Raton after storm damage takes a professional, and fast, restoration and repair company. Express Emergency Services is a full-service operation and licensed general contractor (CGC# 1523615) that can perform every task in your home from preservation and demolition to water removal and major reconstruction. We also have a 1-hour response time guarantee to your initial call for assistance.

Storm damage can leave many homes open to further issues. On arriving at the affected home, team members quickly board up or otherwise secure broken windows, doors, and holes in the roof or walls. Immediately securing the home reduces secondary damage from insect or animal infestations, and trespassing, along with further wind and rain.

With the home protected, team members begin demolishing property too damaged for repair or restoration. For demolition needed in the middle of the home, they lay down plastic sheeting or drop cloths to protect floors and carpets as they haul everything out of the home for disposal.

As they complete these tasks, other Express Emergency Services personnel remove any water blown in from the storm. Depending on the amount of water, specialists use pumps or smaller extraction devices to pull water out of each room and then dry the interior with fans and air movers by increasing air circulation.

Now, our builders work to repair each home. They can hang new drywall panels to block in each room and hallway, lay in new plumbing pulled out of walls or form under the home by the winds, and run new electrical wiring damaged by debris or soaked by the rain as it entered the home. Our roofers and masons can quickly make repairs so that the exterior of the home looks just as it did before the storm.

If your Boca Raton home suffered damage in the recent hurricane, or if it does in the next storm, contact Express Emergency Services at 561-513-5977 immediately. No matter what the level of damage to your home, our technicians take every action possible to return it to its original condition.

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