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Flood Damage Restoration For Lighthouse Point Homes

Tucked away on the Atlantic Coast, Lighthouse Point is a wonderful small town with attractions like the ice arena and the nearby Hillsboro Inlet Light. The same location, however, does make it vulnerable to damage from flooding.

Restoring a Lighthouse Point flood-damaged home requires a full-service company that can move in quickly to clear and clean the home before further damage can occur. That is why Express Emergency Services maintains a 1-hour response time to the call for assistance, and as a licensed general contractor (CGC# 1523615), handle everything for local homes from start to finish. Our methods and materials are also certified as lead-safe by the EPA.

Our first step is to pump out the standing water in the home. Since this is outside water, it contains soil and other contaminants, so our response team pumps every ounce out of the home directly into a sewer opening or a tank truck for later delivery to a water treatment plant.

Next, personnel disposes of everything too damaged for restoration. That includes any exposed carpets and rugs. The floodwater also leaves behind a layer of contamination that renders more furniture and structural items like floor trim and drywall panels as not restorable without extensive cleaning.

Express Emergency Services specialists have access to an extensive inventory of cleaning agents so that each homeowner can keep more of their property rather than file a claim with their insurance agent. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the safety of rugs or carpets.

Finally, our teams put the home back together. Our on-staff carpenters and other builders can swiftly hang new drywall and replace floor trim to enclose the interior rooms once more. If the flood water stayed in the home for too long, these team members can also replace the wall framing and hang new doors and windows if the damage was severe enough to require major reconstruction.

At Express Emergency Services, our end goal is to return each home to its clean, pre-flood condition, safe for occupation once more. If you recently had even an inch or less of water inside your residence, call us immediately at 561-513-5977 to begin the removal and restoration processes.

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