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Commercial Mold Remediation Actions For Boynton Beach Businesses

Mold spores are in every Boynton Beach business. The only exceptions are so-called ‘clean rooms’ like hospital surgery theaters and in facilities that build delicate, electronic components. Usually, they are inert and as harmless as house dust. With enough moisture, the spores begin to expand and grow, seeking more moisture and a food source.

For complete, commercial mold remediation in Boynton Beach, business owners need a full-service operation. At Express Emergency Services, our remediation teams can do everything from cleaning mold from surfaces to removing property too contaminated for restoration and replacing damaged structural property from floors and walls to a new roof when needed.

Once called, our initial response team arrives on-site in one hour, and one or more of our inspectors perform a complete check. They find the origin point of the mold growth and the sources of moisture that allowed it to expand.

Other team members drain or dry the water source, and eliminate the leak that caused it. Regardless if it is a crack in a wall, a broken water inlet pipe, or something else, our masons, plumbers, and construction experts can fix it. Once eliminated, they then spray every spore with an anti-fungal agent and remove it using sponges, scrapers, and new technology like soda blasters that penetrate surfaces to destroy the mold.

If it went unnoticed for an extended period, the spores had time to grow into building material like wood, drywall, and ceiling tiles. They feed on all of it and then expand even faster throughout the structure. In these cases, Express Emergency Services teams carefully demolish and break down the items, bagging them for removal and disposal.

Finally, as part of our full-service operation, our administration team works closely with each homeowner, the restoration team, and the applicable insurance company. As a licensed contractor with the state (CGC# 1523615), Emergency Express Services can deal personally with all major insurance companies to ensure the policy covers our work, and that our customers pay no more than their required deductible.

For Express Emergency Services, our final result is always a home that is mold-free and does not empty the bank account of the owner. If you see mold growth, or can only detect that peculiar, musty odor in your business, call us today at 561-513-5977 to begin remediation operations. We are here for you.

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