How to Assess Storm Damage and Arrange for Repairs in Boca Raton

What You Should Look for in a Restoration Professional

From the initial call to the final restoration process, our repair technicians can help restore your property and get you back on track.

No matter when the damage occurs, our certified restoration and remediation technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We want to efficiently restore your home or business and get you back to normal.

Restoration professionals should be experienced, knowledgeable, have the advanced technological equipment, and be available and accessible when you need them.

When you call a water or fire damage restoration professional, they should conduct an initial assessment of the damages. They also want to stymie any further damage. This may involve stopping a leak, boarding up a window or wall, removing and cleaning items, or shutting water off.  All of these things can help prevent further or permanent damage.  They can also save you money by mitigating the damages when they arrive on the scene by their quick actions.

Further, the restoration professional will document all of the items in your home through video and inventory listings.  They will ensure that items are cleaned and salvaged when possible. Non-salvageable pieces will be safely discarded.

Finally, after the completion of the cleanup and restoration process, the technicians can assess your property to determine if remodeling would be a good option for certain areas of the property.  These professionals have extensive experience in disaster management, disaster recovery, and disaster restoration and improvement.

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