What You Should Look for in a Remodeling Professional

What You Should Look for in a Remodeling Professional

When you need remodeling for your home or business, call the Remodeling and Restoration Professionals. They know how that in order to lower costs and reduce permanent damage, they must act fast. Regardless of the type of loss, you sustained as the result of a natural disaster or some man-made situation we strive to reduce the time from the initial consultation to the necessary emergency services.  The less time this process takes, the better the chances are that we can save your valuable property and restore your home or business.

Once we arrive on the scene, our restoration technicians start working to secure your home or business.  This may involve storing furniture, packing items, cleaning certain things, boarding up parts of your property, ridding your home of smoke and water damage, or fixing a bad leak.  We will do whatever it takes to stop the damage from getting worse.

The next step in the process is the inspection of all of your belongings.  Our remodeling and restoration professionals will suggest what can be salvaged.  They will also make an assessment and determination about cleaning your belongings on-site or moving them to their secure facility and cleaning them there. We will photograph and inventory all items before transporting to our secure location.

Third, we conduct a thorough inspection of your property.  We will provide you and the insurance company with a detailed report that includes a complete estimate. Once we have finished damage control and completely cleaned your property, then we can begin the remodeling process.

We provide commercial services and restoration for your home or business.  After the tragedy or disaster occurs, the stress is intense.  We are trained remodeling and restoration professionals that have plenty of experience in helping businesses and homes restore and recover.

When a major disaster strikes your home or business, it can be the best time to take on remodeling projects you have been postponing.  After all, if you are going to have to fix something anyway, might as well improve upon it while you are at it.  Our restoration and remodeling professionals have the knowledge, equipment, and skills to deliver high levels of customer service and satisfaction.

We work on everything from single room additions, commercial remodels, bathroom and kitchen restoration and remodel, and installations like cabinetry, lighting, fixtures, flooring, painting, among others.

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