How Mold Damage in Lighthouse Point Can Be Stopped in its Tracks

Mold Damage in Lighthouse Point can be Stopped in its Tracks

When deep cleaning your home for the holiday season, or at any other time, you expect to find some areas that have gone longer than you might like to admit, but life is busy these days, and things can often get set aside for a later time. Cleaning these areas up can make you feel accomplished, but when you find mold, that can stop you in your tracks fast, and it should.
Cleaning mold up in your Lighthouse Point area home should be done carefully, and when there is mold damage, that is when you need to call someone who has experience in not only cleaning and remediating but also in repairing the damage left behind. Mold can spread easily, even when there seems to be no dust or spores. Mold-contaminated personal items and sections of walls, floors, ceilings, and anything else, need to all be disposed of in a manner that will keep it contained.
Emergency Express Services ensures that your mold damage problem does not grow worse. We do this through responsible handling of the situation from start to finish. Setting items out at the curb can contaminate nearby homes, especially if children or pets climb or play on these items and then go home – picked up mold spores can be shaken off after entering their home, so we do not do this. Instead, we always ensure that everything is properly disposed of so you do not have to worry.
We know how to make sure mold spores do not spread while restoring your home. Containment of mold always includes physical
barriers and cleaning of both the items affected by mold and also the air in your home. The use of air scrubbing equipment means that mold spores released into the air never have a chance to end up in your ducts.
When you have found mold in any of its many forms, from patches and round circles to streaks, give us a call. We have emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t let mold ruin your plans. Call EXPRESS EMERGENCY SERVICES at 888-334-5994 to get you started in the right direction

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