Choose EXPRESS EMERGENCY SERVICE to Tackle Mold in Boca Raton - Water Damage Restoration Boca Raton

Choose EXPRESS EMERGENCY SERVICE to Tackle Mold in Boca Raton

Sadly, most homeowners don’t even know they have a mold problem in their Boca Raton home until visual signs become evident. By the time this happens, mold takes hold within your walls, in your attic, or basement, successfully wreaking havoc on your living environment. Given enough time, exposure to mold can lead to health effects.

If you have experienced flooding, had a roof or window leak, plumbing problems or anything else related to water intrusion, mold could be an issue in your Boca Raton home. Luckily, you are not alone in facing these problems; we attack mold issues on your property head-on. Our goal is to expedite the remediation process and help you regain control as quickly and efficiently as possible.

EXPRESS EMERGENCY SERVICES provides 24-hour emergency response teams that perform a thorough inspection of your home, offer detailed estimates and damage documentation at affordable prices. Our expertly trained technicians live and work in the same community and offer quality mold remediation services throughout the area.

Mold is a fungus that lives in both our indoor and outdoor living environments. At smaller levels, mold poses very little threat to you and your family. However, if the right conditions exist, mold can grow anywhere in your home and get out of control rather quickly – especially if not treated within the first 48-hours. Cosmetic and structural damages can be mitigated by our team of skilled workers.

EMERGENCY EXPRESS SERVICES gives you access to expert technicians, fully certified to use the most up-to-date containment and removal processes available in the industry. We are a local Certified General Contractor, license #: CGC1523615, with the ability to provide full-services solutions, including the replacement of drywall, ceilings, and floors, moldings, cabinetry, windows, or anything in between.

Find yourself surprised by emergencies that threaten your home? EXPRESS EMERGENCY SERVICES can help mitigate damages, providing emergency board up, roof tarp, debris removal, and cleaning services anytime, day or night. We are a reliable restoration contractor, with personnel experienced in providing mold remediation services you can count on after disasters strike.

Contact EMERGENCY EXPRESS SERVICES in Boca Raton for full access to all of our local resources and get started on repairing your property today and securing the safety of your family. (561) 513-5977

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