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Mold Damage Repair and Restoration for West Palm Beach Homes

Mold growth is a common issue for West Palm Beach homes. The temperature is in the perfect range for growth nearly every day of the year, and our average level of humidity provides a perfect mix for mold expansion when there is a nearby food source. Since that includes most building materials, there is always a mold colony growing somewhere in our community.

Express Emergency Services is a full-service operation so that we can perform mold damage removal, repair, and restoration in West Palm Beach. Each operation begins with a complete inspection so our crews can find and eliminate every trace of active mold growth in the home.

After determining the source of the mold, our restoration crews take the initial step of removing the water that activated the inert mold, allowing it to expand and grow. Crew members dry any puddles, and, as a certified general contractor, can repair the plumbing leaks that produced it in the first place.

With the water removed, next comes the mold. For mold on the surface, Express Emergency Services personnel can usually remove it with sponges. If the mold layer is fairly thick, they use a vacuum with a HEPA filter designed to capture the tiny spores for easy disposal. Before and after using the sponges or vacuum, personnel sprays the area with an anti-fungal agent to kill the active spores, clean the affected surfaces, and reduce the risk of second growth.

As crew members remove the mold, others begin examining the property for repair or disposal. Usually, this involves only more cleaning. If the mold growth was present long enough to penetrate the surface of building material or dig into items like upholstered furniture, additional actions are needed. Crew members use sprays to attack mold inside items like sofas and then vacuum them out with HEPA filters for disposal.

For wood supports and other items, our crews use a light grade of sandpaper to abrade the surface and remove the mold. For more fragile materials like drywall, attempting to repair the panels requires expending many labor hours with a poor result. It is much more cost-efficient to dispose of and replace them.

At Express Emergency Services, our goal is to return every home to a clean, safe condition as quickly as possible. If your home has any level of active mold growth, contact our office today at 561-513-5977 to schedule a service call.

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