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How Do You Remove Mold without Calling the Professionals?

Mold is an organic organism, which means it is viable or living. It is a fungus and the spores that can cause the infestation of your home are all around outside. This mold, even the less dangerous types, can cause bad coughing and worse in many people, especially those allergic to it. It needs a couple of things to live and grow, and all of these can be found in your home, unfortunately. It takes mold spores and organic material, such as wood, drywall, and/or fabric. It also takes moisture and dark spaces. The mold damage that can occur is such that the house can become uninhabitable if allowed to continue past a few isolated surfaces.

The first step that must be taken is to understand where mold can thrive, over all other spaces. Dark spaces, such as a closed up crawlspace can be a prime suspect as will a basement. Other areas are above a non, or inadequately, vented kitchen or bathroom. The moisture caused by these two regions, as well as the laundry room is ripe for the growth of molds.

Many of the areas that attract mold damage are those spaces that are subject to water leaks. This could be under bathtubs, sinks and around windows, exterior doors and roof vents. Leaky faucets can also contribute to this dangerous condition.

Taking care of all of these situations begins the process of making your home mold free, however, now, the need to clean any mold damage that has already been caused is a matter that should occur quickly.

Most nonporous surfaces, such as concrete, plastic, tile and metal can be cleaned, physically, with a high-quality surfactant and plenty of elbow grease. The removal of this dangerous element must be a process of disinfection which kills the growth do it does not come back. This can be done with a commercial grade of sanitizer. The next best thing is a bleach/water solution that does the job quite well. After the cleaning, apply the bleach solution and allow it to set for a few minutes. It then must be rinsed off.

Mold damage in fabrics can usually be taken care by washing the material with regular washing machine detergent, combined with bleach according to the instructions. Many times, this mold growth can be removed by brushing as much off as possible and hanging it out in the sunlight which is a disinfectant in and by itself.

Any removal of mold damage you are attempting yourself must be done with protective gloves on and a face mask. Mold spores usually travel on the air stream and people breathe it in to cause problems in their respiratory tract. Many commercial mold damage contractors section off the structure, whether house or building through the use of plastic sheeting or other barriers so that the cleaning conducted in one area does not contaminate another space that is near.

After all of the necessary repairs to eliminate the leaks and causes of mold and the cleaning that removes the presence of this dangerous element in your home, additional preventative steps should also be made. That would be the placement of dehumidifiers, along with increased venting in the roof to help eliminate the conditions that cause this danger to your health.

If you are concerned about a lot of mold or black mold or too many repairs to your home in the first place, a mold damage restoration company should be called to help you out with their specialized equipment, testing gear and professional, certified personnel.


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